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Flavors of Friuli

A Culinary Journey through Northeastern Italy

Elisabeth Antoine Crawford

Plump gnocchi stuffed with juicy plums and then tossed in browned butter, sugar, and cinnamon? How about pasta filled with dried figs and ricotta, or even chocolate and walnuts? Yes, Italian food is more than just spaghetti, and tiny Friuli“Venezia Giulia”hidden from tourist mobs in Italy's northeast corner”boasts one of the country's most distinctive regional cuisines. With influences from Austria, Hungary, and Slovenia, the Friulian people cleverly merge humble, local ingredients with exotic spices from foreign lands, resulting in a cuisine that, while often surprising in its blend of sweet and savory flavors, never ceases to delight the palate. In Flavors of Friuli, Elisabeth Antoine Crawford has compiled eighty of Friuli's traditional recipes”including frico (Montasio cheese crisps) and gubana (dried fruit and nut spiral cake)”and presents them with clear instructions that any home cook can easily follow.
Author Bio
Instilled with a lifelong passion for Italy, Elisabeth Antoine Crawford chose to explore the cuisine of Friuli-Venezia Giulia after being seduced by her first Friulian dinner of frico and cjalsòns. She subsequently spent the next five years traveling, researching, writing, recipe-testing, and finally, shooting the food photographs for Flavors of Friuli. The book has thus evolved as a synthesis of her greatest passions—cooking, writing, photography, and most of all, Italy. A former modern dancer and Pilates instructor, Crawford is also the author of Balance on the Ball: Exercises Inspired by the Teachings of Joseph Pilates.