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Step By Step Achieve Small Business Success

Paul A. Samakow

272 pages
Law Offices Of Paul A Samakow

Step by Step Achieve Small Business Success removes the guess-work to learning how to set up and manage your own business. Based on proven strategies and decades of real-world experience, Paul addresses the practical issues every owner faces to grow a company in one comprehensive, easy-to-read volume.

Step By Step Achieve Small Business Success gives you the tools to take what inspires you and turn it into a life changing profession. The book is divided into two sections:

“The Business of Business” is a winning formula for growing and managing your company. “The Law of Business” is a roadmap of what to expect when dealing with the legalities of becoming an entrepreneur.

In this book you will discover:

– Why helping others is the key to business success
– Marketing, advertising, and sales strategies
– How to engage your employees to build a successful business
– Things you need to know to ensure your business is covered from loss
– Insurance answers and how to get the best coverage at the best cost
– How to negotiate, tactics, and how to use them to your advantage
– Why partnerships and building relationships within your community are vital
– Basic contract law, and why you must understand it
– How to move beyond mistakes to reach your entrepreneurial goals

The frustration of failure is avoidable. Purchase Step By Step Achieve Small Business Success today and let it be your guide to building a purposeful and profitable life.