Print Sales & Distribution

With options for publishers and authors, choosing Bookmasters as your global print book distributor (and/or eBook distributor) means your titles will be available to wholesalers, retailers, independent bookstores, libraries, and ultimately, the readers you're trying to reach.

If you want to know how we can help you with book sales and distribution, call us at (419) 281-5100 (choose option 5), email your project details to us at, or request a free quote.

Need more information? Check out our print sales and distribution FAQs.

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Bookmasters uses the latest industry technology to make our publishers' and authors' title information available to the U.S. and international publishing industry trade while working with you to ensure the accuracy of your books' metadata. We can include your titles in our seasonal sales catalogs, email blasts, and other promotions that we make available to wholesalers and retailers, as well as to independent bookstores, libraries, niche-specific book buyers, and more.

Our book sales team can present your titles directly to book wholesalers, retailers, online sellers, and others with whom we have long-standing relationships. By putting your print titles in front of the industry’s most important book buyers and decision-makers, we open doors to new sales opportunities and can broaden the reach and visibility of your titles.

In addition to larger “big-box” trade outlets and retail stores, Bookmasters’ special sales team can present your titles to non-traditional book sales and distribution channels, including craft stores, gourmet food stores, museums, hospitals, gift shops, specialty retail chains, mail order catalogs, specialty wholesalers, online resellers, bulk sales for promotional use, and other genre-specific sales outlets. With additional teams specifically focused on the Christian (CBA) market and the academic, university press, and scholarly market, our sales teams do everything they can to ensure your books are presented to the most appropriate and reputable outlets for their content.

Don't want to pay to print and store thousands of copies of your titles in our warehouse for sales purposes? For easy and affordable inventory replenishment, Bookmasters offers print on demand (POD) services to publishers and authors that meet certain thresholds. Criteria for participating in our book print-on-demand program may include the total number of titles in your publishing program, demonstrated sales activity, and/or other similar factors.

Interested in Bookmasters managing your printed book distribution and sales but don't want to print your books with one book printer and then ship those books to Bookmasters to store/sell? An advantage to working with Bookmasters is that we can print, warehouse, process orders, and ship your books from the same midwestern U.S. 230,000 square-foot facility in Ashland, Ohio to save you freight expense and time. Then, enroll your titles in our print on demand (or POD) program to ensure that your books will never be out of stock once your initial inventory sells through.

eBook Distribution

After your eBook files are created (which we can do at Bookmasters) or you provide us with your final eBook files, take advantage of our relationships with popular online retailers, such as Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, and others to sell your eBooks. We do the legwork; you reap the benefits.

Through our eBook distribution process, previews of your book are disseminated to bookseller websites, search engines, social networks, and publisher websites so that potential readers can find it.

We have ways to further promote eBooks through Amazon, Apple, and Barnes & Noble to give readers the opportunity to download your eBook at a reduced price (or even for free) to create interest and as a result, spur on future downloads/purchases when your eBook’s price has been restored.

As with our printed book sales and distribution services, Bookmasters uses the latest industry technology to make our publishers' and authors' eBook title information available to the U.S. and international publishing industry trade while working with you to ensure the accuracy of your books' metadata.