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The Pros and Cons of Shopping for Books in Bookstores vs. Online

Published: February 18, 2016

Amazon has long been known for driving traditional bookstores out of business, and yet, reportedly has plans to open 300-400 physical bookstore locations of its own following the opening of its first store in Seattle. During a recent podcast, Wall Street Journal tech reporter Greg Bensinger said that opening 300-400 stores would make Amazon the number 2 brick and mortar book retailer after Barnes & Noble and that customers can expect to pay the same price for a book in the Amazon bookstore as they would on, which tends to be less than you pay in other physical bookstores today.

Why Social Media Matters for Authors and Publishers

Published: February 11, 2016

There are lots of ways for authors and publishers to market themselves today and it’s worthwhile to explore a variety of available channels to develop a marketing mix that works best. One channel that authors and publishers should be using today is social media, essentially because it’s “where the people are.” And yet, there are still those who wonder whether it really is important when trying to get people to discover them and their books. The bottom line is this: yes, it is important. Here’s why:

February New Releases from Bookmasters’ Publishers!

Published: February 03, 2016

Check out some of Bookmasters’ publishers’ newest releases for February 2016:

Why Authors Should Be Using Email Marketing

Published: January 27, 2016

With all of the digital marketing channels available, email marketing is often overlooked by authors. However, it shouldn’t be! It’s still a viable way to drum up interest in your work.

Why Reviews Are So Crucial to a Book’s Success

Published: January 21, 2016

Think about how people choose which books they’d like to read. Books are often purchased based on recommendations from people they know and positive reviews, which is why obtaining reviews is such an important component of book marketing efforts.

January New Releases from Bookmasters’ Publishers!

Published: January 12, 2016

Check out some of Bookmasters’ publishers’ newest releases for January 2016:

Social Media Etiquette Rules for Authors to Follow

Published: January 05, 2016

Social media is a great forum for an author to convey that they are a well-read, seasoned professional with an opinion that matters. By sharing insights in social media, an author can drum up interest in their books, blog, website, etc. Of course, it’s important to follow these social media etiquette rules:

3 Reasons to Give Audio Books a Try

Published: December 29, 2015

While audio books are nothing new (remember “books on tape?”), they are much more accessible now thanks to digital technology. If you’ve never listened to an audio book, why not give it a try? Here are a few good reasons to do so: