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Why Reviews Are So Crucial to a Book’s Success

Published: January 21, 2016

Think about how people choose which books they’d like to read. Books are often purchased based on recommendations from people they know and positive reviews, which is why obtaining reviews is such an important component of book marketing efforts.

January New Releases from Bookmasters’ Publishers!

Published: January 12, 2016

Check out some of Bookmasters’ publishers’ newest releases for January 2016:

Social Media Etiquette Rules for Authors to Follow

Published: January 05, 2016

Social media is a great forum for an author to convey that they are a well-read, seasoned professional with an opinion that matters. By sharing insights in social media, an author can drum up interest in their books, blog, website, etc. Of course, it’s important to follow these social media etiquette rules:

3 Reasons to Give Audio Books a Try

Published: December 29, 2015

While audio books are nothing new (remember “books on tape?”), they are much more accessible now thanks to digital technology. If you’ve never listened to an audio book, why not give it a try? Here are a few good reasons to do so:

December New Releases from Bookmasters’ Publishers!

Published: December 22, 2015

Check out some of Bookmasters’ publishers’ newest releases for December 2015:

3 Reasons Why Authors Should NEVER Use Clip Art

Published: December 16, 2015

Many self-published authors are also the primary marketers of their work. This means that they are in charge of directing or creating the book cover design and other promotional materials that will accompany the book, including email distributions, promotional posters, social media posts, and more. To capture the attention of prospective readers, most of these materials should include an image. Yet, some authors make the mistake of using clip art or other stock images. Just because it’s available doesn’t mean you should use it!

The City of Light at Night: Interview with photographer Gary Zuercher, author of The Glow of Paris: The Bridges of Paris at Night

Published: December 09, 2015

Over a period of five years, Gary Zuercher took his cameras out into the Parisian night to capture stunningly evocative images of the bridges that span the Seine. Using his artistic eye and sophisticated photographic technique, he created glorious black-and-white photographs, rich with detail and possessing a clear, luminous quality. Not content with just creating these beautiful images, however, he undertook painstaking research into the history of the bridges, the results of which deepen our understanding of their significance. The Glow of Paris: The Bridges of Paris at Night is a collection that is unique and remarkable. We interviewed Gary Zuercher to learn more about him and his fascinating book.

A Collection of Health Books by Sandra Cabot, MD

Published: December 02, 2015

GlutenJust in time for the holiday season is a new release by Sandra Cabot, MD: Gluten Is It Making You Sick or Fat? In this book Dr. Sandra Cabot explains that gluten can cause damage in your body that can make you overweight or sick, even if you are not a celiac. We have been taught to think that excess fat and/or sugar makes us fat, but gluten alone can make us overweight or prevent us from losing weight. Cabot has seen it do this to hundreds of her patients. Purchase it here: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or IndieBound.

An English Degree is NOT Career Suicide

Published: November 24, 2015

An English Degree is NOT Career SuicideWhen someone asks you what you’re studying in school and you say “English,” what kind of response do you get? Does the person give you a funny look and ask “why?” or do they push to find out what you’re planning to do with an English degree? Maybe they laugh?